When it comes to presenting your precious song, you have plenty of options to choose from :

Whether you prefer digital formats like downloads and Spotify streaming or physical formats like vinyl pressing, USB sticks, or CDs, the choice is yours.

Spotify : Share your Meaowsic song effortlessly with friends and loved ones by putting it on Spotify. Make your music accessible to everyone through the popular music streaming platform. Instead of sending a private link that may require additional steps for access, you can now share the Spotify link directly. It's quick, convenient, and accessible to anyone with a Spotify account. Once your Meaowsic song is on Spotify.

Vinyl Charm : Vinyl pressing offers a nostalgic and timeless experience for your listeners. The warm sound quality and larger album artwork can create a unique and immersive listening experience.

Portable USB Sticks : Consider to offer your song on USB sticks, which allow your loved one to easily carry their song with them. These portable devices can be plugged into various devices and shared among friends.

Convey your Message

In addition to our core services, Meaowsic offers a unique opportunity for you to personally convey a message or phrase during the bridge of your song. This special feature allows you to add an extra touch of sentiment and personalization to your musical masterpiece. By including your message or phrase in the bridge of the song, you can directly express your thoughts and emotions, making the song even more personal and meaningful. Your heartfelt words, integrated seamlessly into the music, create a powerful and unforgettable moment that resonates with the listener.
Live Performance

Enhance your special event by offering live performances from the artist who created your meaowsic song.

1. Unique and Memorable Experience :
Having the artist who created your meaowsic song perform live at your event adds a unique and memorable element. Guests will be thrilled to witness the original artist bring their creation to life, creating a lasting impression.

2. Authenticity and Connection: Seeing the artist perform live allows for a genuine connection between the audience and the creator of the meaowsic song. This authenticity enhances the overall experience and creates a stronger emotional connection with the song and its creator.

3. Elevated Entertainment Value: Live performances by professional artists elevate the entertainment value of your event. The skill and talent showcased by the artist will captivate the audience, providing a high-quality and engaging musical experience.

4. Increased Event Appeal: The presence of the artist performing live at your event adds a significant appeal. It creates a buzz among attendees and generates excitement, making your event stand out from others.

5. Promotion and Branding Opportunity: Hosting the artist at your event offers an opportunity for promotion and branding. Guests will associate your event with the artist and their meaowsic song, potentially leading to increased exposure and recognition for your event and brand.


How long does a song take ?

It takes two weeks to create a custom song. After you select a delivery date, we’ll work with our team to make sure your song is delivered on time.

How much does a song cost ?

For pricing, please contact us at contact@meaowsic.com

How will my song be delivered ?

Once our team of experts completes and validates it, your song will be delivered to you via an electronic link. This serves as a model for your approval, granting you the flexibility to explore various options and possibilities, such as downloading, Spotify, vinyl pressing, USB key, CD, and more.

What if I don't like my song ?

Upon receiving the initial version of your song, you have the ability to modify any words or phrases that do not meet your satisfaction until you are entirely pleased.

Do you cover songs ?

Due to copyright laws, every song we make must have an original melody and original lyrics. We cannot do cover songs (including parodies). Each song is crafted from the ground up, tailored exclusively to your information and musical preferences.

Can I use my song for my brand or business ?

For personal use, you can enjoy your song privately or share it on personal social channels, like weddings. If you plan to use it for business or public events, or on social media for branding, you'll need a Commercial License (we do offer a Commercial License add-on). This ensures legal compliance and artist copyrights. Commercial use includes brands, influencers, and non-profits, among others. Without a Commercial License, it's an infringement of our Terms of Use.

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